Commercial Office Trash Cans

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Commercial Office Trash Cans

Elegant Recycling Bins for Professionals

Glaro-RecyclePro-II-CollectionGet inspired by commercial trash can collections for indoor use at the office. Each collection contains multiple decorative and luxury trash cans or recycling bins which can be used for sorting waste and recyclables in your office building.

Collections and series:

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Luxury Trash Can Collections
Commercial-grade Recycling Containers

The Monte Carlo Series


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Atlantis Series


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Bullet Open Trash Can


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Commercial Zone
Precision Series


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European & Metallic Series


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Public Square Collection


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Witt Industries
Geo Cube Collection


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Ex-Cell Kaiser
Metro Collection


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WasteMaster Collection


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Silhouette Collection


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Element Recycling Station


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Trifecta Collection


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RecyclePro Value Series


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RecyclePro II Series


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Recycling Bins & Stations


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Basic Trash Can Collections
Commercial-grade Recycling Containers

Flex E Bin Collection


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Ex-Cell Kaiser
Kaleidoscope Collection


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Slim Jim Recycling Station


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Glutton Recycling Station


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Slim Jim Waste Bins


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Slim Jim Dolly (accessory)


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Deskside Waste Bins
Commercial-grade Recycling Containers

DeskMate Recycling Station


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Commercial Deskside Recycler


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A matching set of professional recycling containers can be found for every interior style and design. Choose from various shapes, such as round, half-round or square-shaped bins. Or choose elegant and beautiful colors like gold, silver, bronze, stainless steel or black. Most collections also provide several types of lids for convenient and user-friendly source separation.

Make recycling visible and convenient with centralized recycling stations.

Best prices for office bins

When browsing Amazon it can be difficult to find the right style of office trash cans. Therefore we have created this page with a convenient overview containing the best commercial-grade bin collections that are available on the platform.

Amazon offers the best prices for commercial trash cans and recycling bins.

Establish a waste reduction program


Centralized Waste & Recycling Stations for your Business

Establish a centralized recycling program in your office building to increase recycling rates and reduce waste hauling costs. With centralized collection points for sorting waste and recyclables you create more awareness for recycling which results in less contamination and thus cleaner recycling streams.

Employees generate on average 2.2 lbs garbage every day.

Businesses can create waste and recycling collection points with multiple commercial office trash cans which leads to less contaminated recycling streams.

How is your current waste reduction program performing?

Do you have lots of contamination in your recycling streams? Do you want to eliminate and prevent waste at the office as much as possible? Then you might need to implement or improve your recycling program which helps to reduce waste and recycle more. Businesses have great opportunities to increase their recycling rates. One easy implementation is the placement of centralized recycling stations.

Engage and educate your employees. Recycling is teamwork.

Reducing waste offers great environmental benefits and cost savings. A recycling program helps to increase recycling rates so you keep recyclable materials out of landfills or incinerators.

Benefits of centralized waste collection

Ecological benefits:
  • Higher waste diversion rates.
  • Less contaminated recycling streams.
  • Achieve higher recycling goals.
  • Conserve natural resources.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Economical benefits:
  • Reduce waste disposal and hauling costs.
  • Improve your corporate image.

Recycle together with your team

Achieving higher recycling rates at your office can only be achieved when everyone follows the same waste reduction program. It isn’t a task of your facility manager alone. This means that every employee in your organization needs to understand that they are responsible for their own waste and they are aware of what is waste and what is recyclable. Therefore it is important to create awareness for source separation by communicating a clear recycling program. The program contains understandable guidelines and instructions for sorting waste and recyclables at the workspace.

Know what you throw away today. Think about how you can reduce, reuse and recycle tomorrow.

Kick-off your sustainable program with the whole team to create engagement. Instruct your employees thoroughly and make sure the office floor contains several recycling stations in centralized areas. Also, make it visually clear which type of waste stream belongs to each office trash can or recycle bin. Recycling labels for your bins can help a lot. For more information about standardized labels see Recycle Across America.


A well-excecuted recycling program reduces costs and enhance sustainability.

A well-excecuted recycling program with centralized collection points at your organization can result in less contamination and cleaner streams of recyclables, this can save your business $100.00 per employee per year.

Relates recycling tools

Commercial wheel carts

For collecting and sorting high volumes of waste and recycling streams you can make use of heavy-duty wheeled trash cans. Read more wheeled containers.


Confidential documents

At the office your employees make use of confidential documents which can contain customer data or sensitive business information. When there is a need to dispose a document it is advised to throw away the confidential document in a secured receptacle such as a shred bin or shred cart. These lockable containers are specially designed to hold confidential waste paper prior to paper shredding.


Helpful resources:


Step up for more recycling and waste reduction

Learn more about the recycling programs of the following waste management companies:

North America:
United Kingdom:

Step Up: Recycle, Reuse & Reduce

The three arrows of the recycling symbol represent the three main stages of the recycling process: recycling, reusing and reducing. Together the arrows form a closed loop. Step up and implement eco-friendly replacements in your daily life.


Join the movement! Step Up the waste hierarchy together to a goal of Zero Waste.

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