“If you want to live in balance with nature, recycling is a must.”


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Circular by Nature

Until 1950 our history was biobased and we were in balance with nature. To restore our balance with nature our future has to become biobased again. It’s time to stop single-use plastics, to reduce the use of fossils and close the loops for the rest.
Möbius loop – Circular by Nature

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Plastics can not be digested or dissolved by water

It turns out that several chemical properties of water make it indispensable for living creatures. Not only can water dissolve nearly anything, but it is also one of only a few materials that can exist as solid, liquid and gas within a relatively narrow range of temperatures (source: Livescience.com). Nearly anything, because plastics can not be digested or dissolved.

Plastic does not belong in the ocean

International cooperation is needed. You can join forces with organisations as the Plastic Pollution Coalition or the Plastic Soup Foundation.

Source: NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)View larger image

As an average person drinks 60.000 liters in a lifetime (source: Illustrativemathematics.org) we are recycling water ourselves.

While polluting our oceans we are poisoning our children and grandchildren. Water is natures most vital resource. Let’s work together to prevent further pollution of our oceans.

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