Best Reusable Grocery Bags and Shopping Tote Bags

Although the decision of which reusable grocery bag to buy may seem easy, it should be noted that reusable bags come in different shapes and sizes and can have a variety of features. The reason why most people buy reusable bags is that they can eliminate the use of flimsy single-use plastic bags which are extremely bad for the environment.

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Rechargeable Electric Plasma Lighters (Single & Dual Arc)

Are you tired of flimsy plastic lighters that never work when you need them? Then a futuristic-looking plasma lighter might be the perfect solution to all this problem. These reusable and non-disposable lighters can be charged and recharged over and over with a USB cable, and their batteries last for up to 400 charges. Besides these electric lighters being convenient and super cool looking, they are also much more eco-friendly.

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Best Reusable Coffee Cups

With a reusable coffee cup you can stop using disposable single-use plastic or paper cups, and with that reduce paper and plastic pollution caused by it. By buying a reusable coffee cup you can make a small and easy, but very important step towards a positive environmental impact.

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Reusable Lunch Boxes and Bags

Lunch boxes are ideal for storing one meal at a time. They tend to be more solid so the food in it can not be squished or damaged. Below we have made a list of our favourite 8 lunch boxes which are both practical and stylish.

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32 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

This is a very nice set that contains four high quality reusable stainless steel straws, two wooden cases and two cotton cleaning brushes plus one pouch. These eco-friendly straws are durable and long-lasting, they are non-toxic and BPA free. Check out more reusable straws here.

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