HSM ProfiPack C400 vs P425

Which HSM cardboard shredder is best for your company? You are interested in a cardboard shredder and came across the HSM Profipack models. There is a small tabletop variant the C400, but also a larger P425 model. What are the differences between these cardboard perforators? And which machine one suits best to your business and […]

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Packing Peanuts and Styrofoam Alternative

What is the best eco-friendly and cost-saving alternative for polystyrene packaging, such as packing peanuts and packing foam? We believe that your cardboard waste is a perfect substitute for styrofoam packaging. With a cardboard shredder, you repurpose old cardboard boxes and other corrugated packaging materials as free and eco-friendly packing material. Perforated cardboard that is […]

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How To Maintain A Cardboard Shredder

Has your company recently invested in a cardboard shredder? This cardboard packaging machine is a great purchase and comes with many benefits. In addition to cost savings, you can recycle your cardboard waste and turn it into eco-friendly packaging material. How do you keep your cardboard perforator in its best condition? Below you find maintenance […]

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9x Benefits of a cardboard shredder

A cardboard shredder is a recycling machine that lets you transform your used cardboard into cushioning packaging material for void fill or product protection. The main advantage is that you can easily make your own packaging from old cardboard boxes, which is free and sustainable. Your business saves on waste hauling and packaging costs. A […]

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Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap Alternative: Shredded Cardboard

What is the best eco-friendly alternative for bubble wrap? We believe it’s scrap cardboard that is perforated with a cardboard shredder into a flexible padding material. With this compact recycling machine, you reuse your own cardboard waste as free and sustainable packaging material for shipping products safely. Read more about cardboard shredders or read more […]

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