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Best Simplehuman Trash Cans

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Which Simplehuman garbage can should you buy?

simplehuman-rectangular-step-trash-can-recycler-dual-doubleWe recommend the Simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can Recycler as the best pick for a dual compartment trash can to sort trash and recycling at home. The rectangular double trash can has a capacity of 12.2 gallons or 46 liters, which makes fitting standard 13 gallon trash bags very easy.

This bin is great for recycling in the kitchen

Because of the 2 compartments you can separate trash and recycling in one recycling bin. The Simplehuman dual recycle bin is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a strong steel foot pedal. The outside has a finger-print proof coating and the double trash can comes with a 10-year warranty. The downside of this Simplehuman kitchen trash can is that the inner buckets aren’t equally sized. Most people use the small bucket for recycling, and after a while they switch to the larger bucket to collect their recyclables.

Simplehuman trash can recommendations
Top Picks for Simplehuman Bins

Maybe this Simplehuman trash can recycler isn’t the trash can you are looking for. Therefore we’ve selected the best Simplehuman garbage cans for the categories below.

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Our recommendation for:


Simplehuman sensor trash can

simplehuman-sensor-trash-can-automatic-touchlessWith the Simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Can you open the lid without even touching the bin which is very hygienic. The sensor trash can has a capacity of 11.8 gallons it is perfect for kitchen use. The bin has a brushed stainless steel finish and has a finger-print proof coating which protects the bin from smudges and germs.

You don’t want an automatic sensor trash can that opens every time you walk by. This Simplehuman sensor trash can prevents this and only opens the lid when you want to throw something away (see how the sensor bin works in this video). So no false triggers with this sensor trash can. Besides the great sensor, the garbage bin is also very quiet. The motor opens and closes the lid very silent and smooth. The downside with an automatic trash can, in general, is that you have to replace the batteries every once in a while.

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Simplehuman in-cabinet trash can

simplehuman-in-cabinet-pull-out-recycler-trash-canThe Simplehuman Under Counter Pull-Out Can is a slide-out trash can with a very good built quality. Because of the strong steel frame and the overall stable construction this cabinet trash can is very convenient in use. The double trash can has two buckets for trash and recyclables with a capacity of 5 and 4 gallons. The bins slide out smoothly on the rail with ball-bearings (see how it works in this video).

The installation of the 2-bin pull-out Simplehuman cabinet trash can is very simple. Because most of the frame is pre-assembled already, you only need to mount the frame with screws on the bottom of your kitchen cabinet. You get a 5-year warranty on this bin. The only downside is that the inner bins are relatively small.

Narrow Simplehuman trash can for bathroom

simplehuman-profile-step-trash-can-plastic-lidThe Simplehuman Profile Step Trash Can is a slim shaped bin that fits perfectly in a tight spot in your bathroom. The bin is only 6.6 inches wide so it has a really slim profile. You can fit the Simplehuman bin for example between a toilet and the bathroom wall. The slim trash can has a steel pedal and won’t tilt forward when you press the pedal because of its narrow rectangular shape.

The bin has a capacity of 2.6 gallons and the bucket is removable. That is convenient when you replace a trash bag or when you want to clean the bucket. The narrow trash can is made of stainless steel and the lid is made of plastic. The lid is, because of its material, dent-proof and closes silently. You get a 5-year warranty on this small Simplehuman trash can. The downside of the bin is that the bin is much smaller than you might expect.

Small Simplehuman trash can for toilet

simplehuman-mini-round-step-trash-canThe small Simplehuman Mini Round Step Trash Can is a 1.2 gallon bin that fits in every restroom (it is also great for bathrooms or offices). Thanks to its small size you can always find a nice spot to place this little waste container. The trash can has a sturdy metal foot pedal which feels very stable when opening the lid with your foot. Even with the small measurements the bin stands quite stable on the ground.

The Simplehuman trash can has a removable inner bucket made of plastic for easy trash disposal. Even though this is a step-on trash can, the stainless steel finish is coated with a finger-print proof layer. You get a 10-year warranty on this small recycling bin. The downside of the waste bucket is that larger trash bags are visible when the lid is closed.

Simplehuman trash can with locking lid

simplehuman-semi-round-step-trash-can-locking-lidThe Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can is perfect when you have pets. Because the lid of the bin is provided with a ‘lid lock’. This locking mechanism makes sure the lid can’t be opened by cats, dogs or other curious animals. So this step-on Simplehuman trash bin is dog-proof and cat-proof. You lock the lid by pressing the silver button on the front.

The 13 gallons trash can has a semi-round shape, but you can’t entirely place the bin flat against the wall. Unlike most of the Simplehuman trash cans, this bin is not made of stainless steel but of high-quality plastic. Besides this black one, you can pick the recycling bin up in other colors too, such as blue, grey and white. You get a 5-year warranty on the bin. The downside of this Simplehuman trash can is that it’s made of plastic, which makes the bin less stable.

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Simplehuman trash can with open top

simplehuman-open-top-trash-canThe Simplehuman Slim Open Trash Can is a heavy gauge stainless steel trash can. Like the name implies, this bin doesn’t come with a lid. This make the bin very durable because there are no moving parts. The open trash can has three shapes to choose from: slim / narrow, round and semi-round. The slim version is perfect for tight spots in your kitchen. Besides different shapes the bin also comes in multiple sizes. You can get a 13, 16 and 21.1 gallon trash can with open top.

Because of the open-top, the bin is mostly used in busy commercial areas where a lid isn’t convenient and makes the bin less easy to access. But also for larger families or households, this bin is a good choice. The bin stands very stable on the ground and can be picked up by convenient side handles. The ‘lift-off’ open lid hides the overhanging trash bag. You get a 10-year warranty on this open-top bin. The downside of this trash can is that some trash (organic waste) will smell after a while.

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How to clean a Simplehuman trash can?

simplehuman-microfiber-mitt-cleaningMost Simplehuman trash cans are made of high-quality stainless steel. Despite the use of a fingerprint-proof coating the material will get smudges after a while. How to clean a stainless steel trash can without making scratches and damaging the bin?

Simplehuman recommends the use of the Simplehuman microfiber mitt to keep you stainless steel spotless (Watch Video on Youtube). The only thing you need is the mitt and some water. Chemicals are not necessary. To clean the stainless steel bin you dampen one side of the microfiber mitt with water. With this side you clean the whole bin, when you’re finished you use dry side of the mitt to buff and polish the stainless steel. The microfiber mitt is machine washable.

Keep your stainless steel bin shiny

Get the microfiber mitt here on

Before cleaning we recommend to inspect the outside of the bin for possible sand or dirt stains. These stains can scratch the bin when rubbing over with a soft cloth or microfiber mitt. We advise to rinse of the stains before cleaning it by hand.

Why are Simplehuman trash cans so expensive?

simplehuman-Dual-Compartment-Recycling-Step-Can-rose-goldSimplehuman garbage cans are relatively expensive, especially when you compare them with plastic alternatives. So are Simplehuman trash cans worth the extra money? Why would you spend 100+ dollars on a kitchen trash can when you can get a cheaper one for 50 dollars or less with the same capacity?

Well, Simplehuman stands for its products and uses the best materials so the trash cans will last for years. The Simplehuman recycling bins are famous for their durability (because of the stainless steel) and for the great warranty-terms and customer service. And this quality comes with a higher price. So if you’re looking for a trash can that is convenient to use and feels stable, durable and sturdy – even after years of use -, a Simplehuman trash can is definitely worth it.

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