Best Garbage Disposals for Home

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Home Garbage disposal Best Garbage Disposals for Home

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Best Garbage Disposals for Home

Grind Food Scraps Under Your Kitchen Sink

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What to do with biodegradable food waste at your household? An efficient and hygienic way to dispose food and kitchen scraps is with a garbage disposal under the sink. This device can be installed in one of your kitchen cabinets at home, but you can also use one in the kitchen from your office’s canteen.

Top 10 Garbage Disposers:

Top 10 Disposals for Kitchen Sinks

Below you find our recommendation for the best food waste disposals for light use, medium use and heavy use. Also we recommend disposals with special features such as disposals for septic systems, farmhouse sinks and for small kitchen cabinets.

Most of the kitchen waste disposals are continuous feed. This means that you can feed kitchen scraps continuously into the device without the need to close or cover up of the sink opening. But when you seek more safety we recommend a batch feed disposal that is closed off during operation.

  1. Best 1 HP (heavy-duty)InSinkErator Evolution Excel
  2. Affordable 1 HP (heavy-duty)Waste King L-8000
  3. Best 3/4 HP (medium-duty)Moen GXS75C GX Series
  4. Best 1/2 HP (medium-duty)InSinkErator Badger 5
  5. Best 1/3 HP (light-duty)Waste King 9910
  6. Best for septic systemInSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist
  7. Best for deep farmhouse sinkInSinkErator Evolution Compact
  8. Best alternative brand with air switch – Kuppet Garbage Disposal
  9. Best batch feed disposalInSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution
  10. Best compact & durable Waste King L-3200

#1 | InSinkErator Evolution Excel

Best 1 HP garbage disposal for heavy-duty use


#1 Amazon’s Choice

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel is a powerful disposer with three grind stages. This means that this disposal unit can grind up pretty much any type of food waste, even tough and fibrous food scraps. Besides this machine is powerful it is also ultra-quiet because of the SoundSeal technology. Installation is easy with the quick lock mount system, you only need to attach the power cord yourself. The Evolution Excel features a jam-sensor which eliminates jams by increasing the torque with 500%.

  • Feed type: Continuous feed
  • Horse power: 1 HP
  • Speed: 1725 RPM
  • Weight: 25.5 pounds
  • Warranty: 7-year

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#2 | Waste King L-8000

Affordable 1 HP garbage disposal for heavy-duty use


The Waste King L-8000 is a high-speed and powerful food waste disposal for heavy-duty use at home or office. The 1 HP motor grinds up your food scraps in a matter of seconds. With the EZ Mount you install the disposer quick and easy in your kitchen cabinet. The downside of the mount is that it is made of plastic. The device comes with a pre-installed power cord which makes installation even more convenient. The Waste King has a sleek design which saves up space.

  • Feed type: Continuous feed
  • Horse power: 1 HP
  • Speed: 2800 RPM
  • Weight: 11.9 pounds
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime

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#3 | Moen GXS75C GX Series

Best 3/4 HP garbage disposal for medium-duty use


The Moen GXS75C GX Series is a powerful food waste disposer thanks to the permanent magnet motor. This means that the motor is at full speed when it is turned on. The vortex motor also helps reducing possible jams. Install the Moen disposer easily with the three-bolt mounting system, which means you only have to twist-and-lock the device under the sink drain. The garbage disposal is fairly compact and due to the sound isolation it reduces lots of noise.

  • Feed type: Continuous feed
  • Horse power: 3/4 HP
  • Speed: 2700 RPM
  • Weight: 7.75 pounds
  • Warranty: 5-year

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#4 | InSinkErator Badger 5

Best 1/2 HP garbage disposal for medium-duty use


The InSinkErator Badger 5 is an easy to install food waste disposer. The unit comes with a pre-installed power cord, which isn’t always the case with InSinkErator devices. The quick lock sink mount is made of metal and makes it convenient to connect it to your sink. The Badger 5 is mainenance-free and the motor is powerful enough for grinding food scraps like fruit and vegetable peels.

  • Feed type: Continuous feed
  • Horse power: 1/2 HP
  • Speed: 1725 RPM
  • Weight: 14.2 pounds
  • Warranty: 2-year

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#5 | Waste King 9910

Best 1/3 HP garbage disposal for light-duty use


The Waste King 9910 is a light-duty garbage disposal for 1 to 2 users. The disposal comes with a pre-installed power cord, so electrical knowledge isn’t necessary when installing this device. The Waste King is quiet in operation thanks to the sound insulation. The mount is all-metal, instead of plastic, this makes it a very durable and solid disposer.

  • Feed type: Continuous feed
  • Horse power: 1/3 HP
  • Speed: 1900 RPM
  • Weight: 8.6 pounds
  • Warranty: 2-year

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#6 | InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist

Best garbage disposal for septic systems


The InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist is a unique garbage disposal that is optimized for homes with septic systems. This unit adds an automatic injection of enzyme-producing microorganisms to the food waste that helps break down the food particles much quicker in your septic tank. The problem with standard disposals is that the bacteria inside the septic tank sometimes can’t digest the food waste fast enough, which will cause loads of food sludge in the septic tank. This InSinkErator is quiet and powerful thanks to the 3/4 HP motor.

Tip: Order extra Bio-Charge Cartridge replacements here.

  • Feed type: Continuous feed
  • Horse power: 3/4 HP
  • Speed: 1725 RPM
  • Weight: 22.6 pounds
  • Warranty: 4-year

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#7 | InSinkErator Evolution Compact

Best food waste disposal for deep farmhouse sink


The InSinkErator Evolution Compact is a compact (12 1/8 inches tall) but powerful garbage disposal which can be used for deep sinks, such as farmhouse sinks. These large and heavy sinks take up quiet some under-sink space in your kitchen cabinet, so you need a compact and space efficient disposal that can also connect to your sink. It is possible that you need a extended sink flange to connect the InSinkErator to your farmhouse sink. The Evolution Compact is quiet, powerful and durable.

Tip: Check if you need an extended sink flange.

  • Feed type: Continuous feed
  • Horse power: 3/4 HP
  • Speed: 1725 RPM
  • Weight: 19.6 pounds
  • Warranty: 4-year

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#8 | Kuppet Garbage Disposal

Best alternative brand with air switch


The Kuppet Garbage Disposal is a 1-HP waste disposal with a permanent magnet motor that claims to be quiet, made of high quality material, easy to assemble and has an expected life cycle of 10 years. Although the brand is not as well-known as Waste King or InSinkErator, it seems to be a good alternative, especially considering the price. If you don’t want to spend a lot on a garbage disposal but you still want a powerful one, then this disposal is an option to consider.

  • Feed type: Continuous feed
  • Horse power: 1 HP
  • Speed: 2600 RPM
  • Weight: 12.8 pounds
  • Warranty:

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#9 | InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution

Best batch feed garbage disposal


The InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution is a batch feed garbage disposal, which operates very quiet. This means that you need to close the sink opening with a cover to activate the motor of the disposer. You can only grind your biodegradable food waste in batches because you can’t add additional food waste while the disposal is covered and processing. The grinding of the food waste goes quickly thanks to the two-stage grinding inside the 40 oz grind chamber.

  • Feed type: Batch feed
  • Horse power: 3/4 HP
  • Speed: 1725 RPM
  • Weight: 22.4 pounds
  • Warranty: 7-year

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#10 | Waste King L-3200

Best compact & durable food waste disposal


The Waste King L-3200 is a very compact and budget-friendly (under $100) garbage disposal. When you don’t have a lot of space under your sink or in your kitchen cabinet this disposer might be the one you are looking for. The Waste King is easy to install and can also be connected to your dishwasher. Although the garbage disposal is small, it still packs a 3/4 HP magnetic motor. Therefore this continuous feed Waste King disposer is also recommended for smaller households.

  • Feed type: Continuous feed
  • Horse power: 3/4 HP
  • Speed: 2700 RPM
  • Weight: 8,6 pounds
  • Warranty: 8-year

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Garbage disposal installation service

Do you need professional help for installing your new garbage disposal? Or do you want to replace your old one for a new disposal but don’t know how to do this yourself? Then you can hire an expert in your area via Amazon.

Find garbage disposal installation professionals.

Best Sellers:

reuse-reduce-recycle-iconA garbage disposal helps separating organic waste streams in the kitchen which enhances recycling.

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More about household garbage disposals

A garbage disposal incinerator grinds up your food waste directly under your sink. The food particles are then flushed away down the drain. You can consult this page for information to help you with deciding which garbage disposal is the right one for your home.If you would like to know about garbage disposals in general you can also check our Garbage Disposal Guide.

In the U.S. 50 percent of all homes have a waste disposal in the kitchen installed.


Research which garbage disposal suits your needs

It is important to install a disposer with the right capacity that suits the number of users and the type of organic kitchen waste you want to dispose. For soft fruit peels you can use a light disposer, but for fibrous and tough food scraps you need a disposer with more horse power.

Besides the amount of horse power you also need to decide if you want a continuous feed or batch feed garbage disposal. The difference is that a continuous feed disposal can grind food waste continuously, while a batch feed disposal only grinds up kitchen scraps when the sink opening is covered and closed off.

Flush away food scraps down the drain.

When you are looking for a food waste disposer for your kitchen there are a few things to consider.

  1. What is your budget?
  2. How much horse power do you need?
  3. Batch feed or continuous feed?
  4. What type of mounting system and which material (metal or plastic)?
  5. Will the device fit under your sink?
  6. Do you want to connect it to a dishwasher?
  7. Do you have a septic tank?
  8. The ease of installation.

Read more details in our garbage disposal guide here.

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What do most people buy?

Most people buy a continuous feed garbage disposal that produces 3/4 to 1 HP, check our recommendations for powerful food waste disposals here. These type of high-powered waste disposals can handle most food waste and can be used for medium to heavy use for an average household. The garbage disposals from InSinkErator and Waste King are very popular, because of the quality and ease of installation. Also people tend to buy disposals which can be connected to a dishwasher, since most people use a dishwasher in their kitchen. See our comparison between Waste King and InSinkerator disposers here.

Want to see which garbage disposals are best sellers at Amazon? Check out this link to see Amazon’s best sellers.

Discard food waste via your kitchen sink

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Which garbage disposal do you need?

Take the quiz below and find out exactly which garbage disposals suits you best:


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How much horse power do you need?

It all depends on you household, the amount and type of food waste that is disposed on a daily base and the available space in your kitchen cabinet, maybe you already store a trash can in one of your cabinets. Garbage disposals for consumers can be categorized in roughly three categories:

  1. Light use:  1/3 HP
  2. Medium use: 1/2 – 3/4 HP
  3. Heavy use: 1 HP


For medium use it is recommended to get a 3/4 HP food waste disposer when you cook daily. When you don’t cook that often a 1/2 HP disposal unit is good enough for medium-duty use.


Horse  power

1/3 HP

Average RPM

+/- 2000 RPM


1 – 2 users

Food Waste

Soft food scraps like fruit rinds.


Horse power

1/2 to 3/4 HP

Average RPM

+/- 2200 RPM


2 – 4 users

Food Waste

Food scraps like potato peels.


Horse power

1+ HP

Average RPM

+/- 2500 RPM


4 – 8 users

Food Waste

All food scraps like fibrous foods.

Video: How does a InSinkErator garbage disposal works?

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How much does a disposal cost?

What is the average price of a garbage disposal? The cost of a disposal unit depends on the type of disposal (continuous or batch feed), the power of the motor and the built quality. See a price comparison of garbage disposals from popular brands below:


What is your budget?

Click on the link below to find the right garbage disposal that suits your budget:

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Can you use a garbage disposal in an office kitchen?

Most garbage disposals are used at home in the kitchen. But you can also install and use a food waste disposal unit in the office canteen or office kitchen. The device encourages employees to become more aware of separating biodegradable food waste.

Please note: Before using a food waste disposal it is recommended to investigate the (local) law and legislation if it is approved to make use of a garbage disposal in a professional environment.

Some offices have a small kitchen where employees grab a cup of coffee, a glass of water or prepare their lunch. This is a centralized area in the office where lots of food waste is generated. Think about banana peels, apple cores, food scraps from lunch and other biodegradable food waste.

A food waste disposal helps to enhance the overall quality of separated recyclable materials.

You can of course separate the food waste with a dedicated recycling bin or composting bin. But food waste can release bad odor over time and this can cause nuisance when the office kitchen is literally part of your office workspace. A better solution for disposing biodegradable food waste is to make use of a food waste disposer. With this machine grind up food waste convenient, fast and hygienic. A disposers helps you and your employees to separate food waste at the office and it contributes in even cleaner and dryer recyclable waste streams.

Whisper quiet disposal?

Do you prefer a quiet operating disposal, then consider a garbage disposal with sound insulation. These type of disposers run very quiet so you don’t disturb anyone while you grind up you food waste. See our recommendations for quiet garbage disposals here.

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Compare sink garbage disposals

In the table below you can find more recommended and high-rated food waste disposals. Sort the columns of the table to find your best disposer. Please note that this table scrolls horizontally (for mobile users).

Motor Garbage Disposal RPM Feed Type
1 HP InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1725 RPM Continuous
1 HP Waste King 9980 2800 RPM Continuous
1 HP Waste King Knight A1SPC 2800 RPM Continuous
1 HP Waste King L-8000 2800 RPM Continuous
1/2 HP InSinkErator Badger 5 1725 RPM Continuous
1/2 HP KitchenAid KCDB250G 1725 RPM Continuous
1/2 HP Moen GX50C GX 2600 RPM Continuous
1/2 HP Moen GXP50C GX Pro 2600 RPM Continuous
1/2 HP Waste King L-2600 2600 RPM Continuous
1/2 HP Waste King L-1001 2600 RPM Continuous
1/3 HP InSinkErator Badger 1 1725 RPM Continuous
1/3 HP Moen GXP33C 1900 RPM Continuous
1/3 HP Waste King 9910 1900 RPM Continuous
1/3 HP Waste King L-111 1900 RPM Continuous
3/4 HP Moen GXS75C GX Series 2700 RPM Continuous
3/4 HP Waste King L-3200 2700 RPM Continuous
3/4 HP InSinkErator Badger 5XP 1725 RPM Continuous
3/4 HP Moen GX75C GX Series 2700 RPM Continuous
3/4 HP InSinkErator Evolution Compact 1725 RPM Continuous
3/4 HP InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 1725 RPM Continuous
3/4 HP InSinkErator Cover Control Plus Evolution 1725 RPM Batch

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Manufacturers of food waste disposers

What are the best brands for garbage disposals? Find the current Amazon product listings from popular manufacturers of food waste disposals and visit the official websites.

Most popular brands on Amazon

Below you can directly see the product listings from brands like InSinkErator, Waste King, Moen and KitchenAid.

Official brand websites

Below you can find a list with the official websites from well-known and popular brands:

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Step Up: Recycle, Reuse & Reduce

The three arrows of the recycling symbol represent the three main stages of the recycling process: recycling, reusing and reducing. Together the arrows form a closed loop. Step up and implement eco-friendly replacements in your daily life.


Join the movement! Step Up the waste hierarchy together to a goal of Zero Waste.

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