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BagPodz Review – Reusable Grocery Bags

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Cut Back on Plastics Bags with BagPodz

With a reusable shopping bag you can stop using disposable single-use plastic bags, and thus the plastic pollution caused by them. By purchasing a reusable shopping bag you are making a small but important step with a positive environmental impact for you and the rest of the world.

Which of the 100s of reusable grocery bags is worth your money? BagPodz provides you with a reusable version of the thin white plastic bags from the grocery store, additionally, they also give you a convenient way to transport these reusable bags where ever you go, rather than stuffing them in your handbag.

In this product review, we share our experience with BagPodz reusable shopping bags.

  • Reviewed by: Cara Dettmann and Pim Brouwer
  • Disclosure: We were not sponsored by BagPodz, they provided us with product samples to test and review (thanks for that). In this review we share our own opinion about the bags.
  • Photos: Please note that the color of the bags are more rich and saturated in real life.


  1. What are BagPodz?
  2. How are BagPodz better than single-use plastic bags and other reusable bags?
  3. General comments and reviews we came across by other users
  4. Our personal experience with BagPodz

What are BagPodz?

The term BagPodz is both the name of the company that produces these bags and the name of the product. A BagPod has either 5 or 10 reusable grocery bags in them (depending on what you choose) and also includes a handy pouch, made to contain and transport these reusable bags easily. The bags, as well as the pouch, are made of ripstop nylon which similar to the fabric that parachutes are made of. Super easy to wash, quick to dry, and won’t rip.


The BagPodz pouch has a carabiner hook so you can clip it onto your grocery cart for easy access to your bags while shopping. The bag pouch has two openings, one is a zipper opening for you to pull the grocery bags out of, and the other is a drawstring opening for putting the grocery bags back into the pouch after you’re done unpacking groceries at home.

Bagpodz in four colors and two sizes.


Size and Color of the Pods

You can choose your BagPodz in one of four colors (red, yellow/orange, blue, or green), and you can choose one of two sizes. The size of the BagPodz determines both the number of bags in the pod (5 or 10) and the size of the pod itself. We advise a pod with 5 bags for grocery trips for one or two people and a pod with 10 bags for trips for three or more people. This way you know you won’t run out of bag halfway through packing everything.


Watch our BagPodz product test

In this video we show the 10-pack BagPodz that contains ten blue reusable bags.

How are BagPodz better than single-use plastic bags and other reusable bags?

Reusable bags, in general, are sustainable, practical, and convenient alternatives to single-use plastic bags. While some supermarkets and stores charge you for plastic bags that you will likely use once and then throw away, reusable bags are a one-time investment that you can keep at hand, and use over and over again. The reason why stores have started charging money for plastic bags is that they want to discourage their use due to the negative effects that plastic waste, like these bags, has on the environment.


Reusable grocery bags are an eco-friendly replacement for disposable plastic bags. These single-use plastic bags have a negative impact on our environment. By bringing your own reusable bag, you can save between 400 and 600 plastic bags per year.

Read more about the environmental impact of disposable plastic bags.

What makes BagPodz better than other reusable grocery bags?

Whether BagPodz are better than all other reusable shopping bags is, of course, subjective, however, researching these bags and using them ourselves has revealed that every aspect of them is carefully designed to make them as durable and practical as possible.


BagPodz bags can carry a lot of weight, they are made of heavy-duty ripstop material, they are water repellant, machine washable, and quick and easy to use. One thing that makes BagPodz stand out from other reusable bags that offer similar benefits, is the convenient pod which can hold multiple bags in a compact and functional manner.

General comments and reviews we came across by other users

In reading reviews of other BagPodz users we found that comments were mainly positive. Everyone loves the quality of the bags and the convenience of the pod and how compact everything can be made. The comments repeatedly talk about the sturdy quality of the bags and how great the carabiner hook is for the grocery cart.

Many users enjoy that the base of the bags as is rectangular and boxy so you can make items like wine bottles stand up straight and they won’t fall over easily while you’re carrying them. Some users also liked that the bags are the same size as the blank white single-use plastic bags and that therefore you can’t pack them so full that they are too heavy to lift. Moreover, many also enjoyed using individual bags without the pod to carry their lunch, among other things.


Of course, nothing is perfect, so there were a few aspects that users pointed out could be improved, such as the handles being too short to be able to carry the bag over your shoulder. Some users disagreed with others and thought the size of the bags were too small and couldn’t fit enough groceries. Finally, some were bothered by the fact that the bags got quite wrinkled in the pod, and some would have liked to have a rainbow BagPodz with multiple bag colors in them.

We were actually in contact with the inventor of BagPodz and he had some responses and explanations to some of the things we talk about in this review. To start, he explains that the wrinkles in the bags come from them being crisp and new, we too experienced that after using the bags serval times the wrinkles decreased. He also mentioned that although BagPodz has similar dimensions to the white plastic bags they BagPodz bags actually hold close to double the volume. Lastly, he also explained that BagPodz have short handles on purpose because the bags are designed to be used to organize different types of foods at the store, rather than being filled to the brim randomly.

Our personal experience with BagPodz

“The BagPodz are super practical. Keep them in your car so you won’t forget them.”
– Cara Dettmann

First experience

I have been testing out the 5 pack of yellow/orange BagPodz for the last month and will definitely continue to use them in the future. Before I say anything else though I will advise everyone to keep these in their car, so you will have them with you whenever you need them. I spent the first week being annoyed with myself for never having them with me.

But once I had them in the car and started using them I was very impressed and happy with them. The quality of the bags is beyond what I expected and the pod actually works, as you don’t accidentally end up pulling all of the bags out at once.


Final opinion

The size of the individual bags was perfect in my opinion, they were comfortable to carry and they couldn’t be packed so full that they were too heavy to carry. Although I never used all five bags shopping for one or two people I definitely don’t think that the pod had too many bags in it. The pod was very comfortable to take with me, and unlike some sleeping bags, the BagPodz bags were easy to fit back into the pod without major struggles.

Even though I also noticed that the bags were quite wrinkled after coming out of the pod, as soon as you put something in them they straightened out quite well. If you are someone who is bothered by the wrinkles then you can neatly fold your bags into small squares before putting them back in the pod, this will help a little.

“I am really impressed with the quality of the BagPodz.”
– Pim Brouwer

I have tried out the 5-pack of the BagPodz for a few weeks, so here is my personal experience with these bags. First of all, I have to say, I really like the shopping bags very much! The reusable bags come in a convenient pouch, so it is basically a bag with five small shopping bags inside it. You can also opt for the larger pouch that holds 10 bags, but for me, this version is a bit too bulky for my needs – so the 5-pack is ideal for me.

The pouch feels durable and comes with a sturdy zipper on top. It also contains a hook so you can hang the pouch at your shopping cart for instance. The end part of the pouch has a large opening, that you can close easily with a drawstring. Basically, the pouch has everything you need for convenient (grocery) shopping and usage.

The only downside of the pouch though is that the bags come out fairly wrinkled. You almost feel the urge to iron the bag first. But hey, it is just a shopping bag. Maybe for very fashionable people, this might be a concern for them.

Update: I have experienced that after using the bags for a while now, the wrinkles are gone. So you can leave your iron in the closet 😉


Multifunctional bags

I use the BagPodz for regular shopping and for bringing my lunch to work. In my few weeks of testing I never actually brought the pouch with me, I used it more as a storage place for the reusable bags. Normally reusable shopping bags are laying around everywhere in my house or car, but with BagPodz I had an actual place to store the bags away.

When I come home I stuff the bag inside the pouch for using it the next day. Also, my partner brings the bag with her when she goes shopping. Her experience is that the bags are a bit too small for grocery shopping. She rather likes to bring a larger sized grocery bag. But we think that these BagPodz are ideal for regular shopping or for bringing some items from home with you, like a reusable water bottle.

Ideal to bring on vacation too

On my trip to Greece I brought a couple of these bags with me. It is ideal to have them around when you go exploring. Normally you have to buy a plastic grocery bag at the local grocery stores, but the BagPodz bags are so small that you can easily fit it in your pocket or in your handbag. I do suggest put a few of the bags in your rental car or scooter, it helped me out a lot on my vacation!

Sturdy bags that are made to last a long time

The bags themselves also feel and look durable, just like the pouch. My first experience with the bags was that the textile feels like it will last for years. No need to worry about ripping or tearing the bags easily. The bags are also water repellent and machine washable. So they are made to last a long time I think.

I have to say that I find the bags quite small and the handle openings are small as well. This means that you can’t really carry the bags over your shoulder, but you need to hold them in your hands.

Plain red isn’t very exciting

I got the red bags, but there are multiple colors available, such as blue, orange and green. The downside is that the pouch only contains one color. So they might look a bit (too) basic for some people. It would be nice if you could also get a BagPodz product with multiple colors or with some more interesting patterns or designs.

I really like these bags, they feel very sturdy and well-made.


Overall I do really like the reusable bags and the pouch where the bags are stored away in. I am really impressed with the quality of the BagPodz. The materials feel very durable and are super sturdy. So it is worth the relatively high price you pay for them.

The downside is that the bags might be a bit too small for some people and you can’t carry them over your shoulder, so you don’t have your hands-free when using these bags. The biggest pro for me is that the bags come in this pouch, so you can bring it along easily and you always have a place to store the bags in. I would definitely recommend BagPodz and I can advise you to go for the 5-pack BagPodz, rather than the more bulky 10-pack one.

More About BagPodz


BagPodz Homepage

BagPodz was founded by Greg James in 2014 with the purpose of designed an environmentally friendly yet easy alternative for single-use plastic grocery bags.

If anything happens to your pod, or you lose a bag, the BagPodz website also offers that option of purchases a new pod or replacement bags (sets of 2) separately.

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