Best Auto Feed Shredders for Automatic Shredding

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Best Auto Feed Shredders for Automatic Shredding

Commercial and Heavy-Duty Auto Feed Shredders

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Shred large stacks of confidential documents automatically while you walk away. That is the main advantage of an auto feed paper shredder. You fill the tray with documents and the shredder does the shredding for you. Most automatic shredders also have a manual feeding option when necessary.

Most automatic shredders are meant for professional workplaces and office departments. But also for home offices there are budget-friendly shredders available.

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Top 10 Automatic Shredders

reuse-reduce-recycle-iconSpend less time shredding confidential documents with an auto feed shredder.

Top 10 Best Auto Feed Shredders

What is the best automatic paper shredder? It depends on your preferences and budget. Below we’ve selected and reviewed ten great auto feed shredders for commercial use. These professional paper shredders can be used in the office to shred documents with confidential information, such as personal information or sensitive business information.

In our top 10 you can find heavy-duty auto feed shredders with continuous run time from well-known brands. We also recommend a few budget-friendly shredders for less intensive use in the office.

  1. Shred To 550 SheetsFellowes AutoMax 550C Auto Feed
  2. Shred Paper, Credit Cards & CDsBoxis 650-Sheet Autoshred AF650
  3. For Large Shredding JobsKensington Shredder A6000 OfficeAssist
  4. For 10 Users or MoreSwingline Stack-and-Shred 500M
  5. Budget-Friendly Auto Feed ShredderAmazonBasics 150-Sheet Autofeed
  6. For 10-20 UsersSwingline Stack-and-Shred 600x
  7. Quiet & Secure Automatic ShredderHSM Securio AF300
  8. Shred Up To 300 Sheets AutomaticallyBoxis AF300 AutoShred
  9. Ultra Quiet (<60dB)Swingline Stack-and-Shred 130X
  10. Speeds Up To 11 Feet P/MinBoxis 120-Sheet Autoshred AF120

#1 | Fellowes AutoMax 550C Auto Feed

Heavy-Duty Shredder For Up To 550 Sheets


#1 Best Seller

The Fellowes AutoMax 550C Auto Feed is a heavy-duty cross cut paper shredder that shreds 550 sheets of paper continuously. You can also shred up to 14 sheets manually when you quickly want to shred some docments. The Fellowes auto feed shredder can be locked with a 4-digit pin code to prevent unauthoritative access to the documents. The 550C also shreds CDs and credit cards.

  • Security level: Cross-cut (P-4)
  • Run time: Continuous
  • Sheet capacity: 550 pages (14 manually)
  • Bin capacity: 22 gallons

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#2 | Boxis 650-Sheet Autoshred AF650

All-In-One Shredder for Paper, Credit Cards & CDs / DVDs


The Boxis 650-Sheet Autoshred AF650 is an all-in-one auto feed shredder. You can shred up to 650 sheets of paper automatically while you walk away. But you can also shred your old credit cards, CDs and DVDs in a seperate slot while you are shredding your documents. The shredder also features a manual feed mode for shredding 10 sheets instantly. Securely lock the tray of the shredder with a 4-digit PIN code.

  • Security level: Cross-cut (P-4)
  • Run time: 60 minutes
  • Sheet capacity: 650 pages (10 manually)
  • Bin capacity: 14 gallons

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#3 | Kensington Shredder A6000 OfficeAssist

Heavy-Duty Auto Feed Shredder for Large Shredding Jobs


The Kensington Shredder A6000 OfficeAssist Auto-Feed is a heavy-duty shredder with security level P-4, which means small cross-cut paper shreds. The shredder features a 4-digit pin lock for added security, it runs quiet, has anti-jam technology and has a 120-minute continuous run-time. The large 21 gallon bin can hold the shreds of up to 850 sheets of shredder paper.

  • Security level: Cross-cut (P-4)
  • Run time: 120 minutes
  • Sheet capacity: 600 pages
  • Bin capacity: 21 gallons

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#4 | Swingline Stack-and-Shred 500M

Heavy-Duty Shredder for 10 Users or More


The Swingline Stack-and-Shred 500M is a heavy-duty automatic shredder that can shred up to 500 documents continuously, you can shred up to nine documents at a time manually. This professional shredder can be used by 10 or more users. The shredder can shred documents, staples, paper clips and credit cards. CDs and DVDs can also be shredded through a separate slot.

  • Security level: Cross-cut (P-4)
  • Run time: Continuously
  • Sheet capacity: 500 pages (9 manually)
  • Bin capacity: 21 gallons

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#5 | AmazonBasics 150-Sheet Autofeed Paper Shredder

Budget-Friendly For Shredding Up To 150 Sheets


The AmazonBasics 150-Sheet Autofeed is P-4 paper shredder that shreds 150 sheets automatically or 10 sheets per pass when fed manually. The shredder has a maximum continuous run-time of 60 minutes and the cool down time is 45 minutes. It features auto start and anti-jam with auto reverse technology. The LED indicator lights shows you for instance when the door is open, the feed is overloaded or when the motor overheats.

  • Security level: Cross-cut (P-4)
  • Run time: 60 minutes
  • Sheet capacity: 150 pages (10 manually)
  • Bin capacity: 8.5 gallons

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#6 | Swingline Stack-and-Shred 600x

Auto Feed Shredder For 10-20 Users


The Swingline Stack-and-Shred 600x shreds up to 600 documents automatically. Protect all your sensitive documents during shredding with a 4-digit pin code. Thanks to the jam-proof technology this Swingline shredder prevents a paper jam during the shredding process.

  • Security level: Cross-cut (P-4)
  • Run time: 30 minutes
  • Sheet capacity: 600 pages (10 manually)
  • Bin capacity: 21 gallons

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#7 | HSM Securio AF300

Quiet & Secure Automatic Shredder


The HSM Securio AF300 is a micro-cut shredder for shredding 300 documents automatically or 13 sheets manually. The high quality HSM automatic shredder is made in Germany and runs continuously. The ‘lock-and-go’ function keeps your documents save against unauthorized access.

  • Security level: Micro-cut (P-5)
  • Run time: Continuos
  • Sheet capacity: 300 pages (13 manually)
  • Bin capacity: 9 gallons

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#8 | Boxis AF300 AutoShred

Shred Up To 300 Sheets Automatically


The Boxis AF300 AutoShred is a paper shredder which shreds up to 300 sheets automatically. Besides documents you can also shred CDs and DVDs into a separate container. The pull out waste bin has a capacity of 14 gallon, which makes it perfect for office use. You can also manually feed documents in to a manual feed which can shred up to 10 sheets.

  • Security level: Cross-cut (P-4)
  • Run time: 30 minutes
  • Sheet capacity: 300 pages (10 manually)
  • Bin capacity: 14 gallons

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#9 | Swingline Stack-and-Shred 130X

Ultra Quiet (<60dB) Auto Feed Paper Shredder


The Swingline Stack-and-Shred 130X is an automatic shredding machine for 1 to 2 users. Just stack the documents inside the shredder and shut it. The shredder shreds up to 130 sheets automatically. You can also shed six documents manually. Besides documents you can also shred paperclips, staples and credit cards

  • Security level: Cross-cut (P-4)
  • Run time: 10 minutes
  • Sheet capacity: 130 pages (6 manually)
  • Bin capacity: 7 gallons

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#10 | Boxis 120-Sheet Autoshred AF120

Shred Documents at Speeds Up To 11 Feet P/Min


The Boxis 120-Sheet Autoshred AF120 is a deskside shredder that destroys up to 120 sheets at a time automatically. The shredder can also shred 10 documents manually for 10 minutes continuously. To reduce the risk of jams the shredder features automatic forward and reverse modes. The paper shredder stands on casters so it is easy to move around in the office.

  • Security level: Cross-cut (P-4)
  • Run time: 20 minutes
  • Sheet capacity: 120 pages (10 manually)
  • Bin capacity: 6 gallons

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More about automatic paper shredders


What is an auto feed shredder?

An auto feed shredder is a paper shredder machine which shreds documents automatically in bulk. This is very convenient because it saves a lot of time, because the user can ‘walk away’ after loading the shredder tray with documents that needs shredding.

An automatic shredding machine really provides a hands-free shredding experience that saves a lot of time.

How does an automatic shredder work?

Load the paper shredder tray with your documents and press start for shredding. The shredder starts shredding your documents at a continuous pace while you can continue working. It depends on the type of shredder how many documents you can shred. Some auto shredders can shred around 100 sheets of paper, while other more heavy-duty auto feed shredders can destroy 500 sheets in one go. It also depends on the shredder what the maximum run time is. In short, some paper shredders need to cool down after a shredding session. But the more heavy duty paper shredders can run continuously, so you can shred large volumes of documents automatically without overheating issues.

Video: Fellowes AutoMax 350C and 550C Auto Feed Shredders

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Can an automatic shredder also shred manually?

Most automatic shredders can shred documents automatically and manually. So if you want to shred just a few documents you can shred it via the manual input. Some paper shredders offer an option to shred manual documents in between an automatic shredding session.

How fast are these shredders?

The time it takes to shred all the documents depends on the shredder and the amount of documents you want to shred. Generally a cross-cut shredder shreds papers quicker than a micro-cut shredder. The Fellowes AutoMax 550C for instance shreds 550 sheets automatically in 6 – 7 minutes, which is very fast. This is one of the reasons why we recommend this paper shredder from Fellowes.

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Pros and cons


  • Shred while you continue working.
  • Save time and speed up the shreding proces.
  • Shred large volumes of papers.
  • Shred documents at the end of the day, so no disturbance.


  • A possible paper-jam stops the shredder from shredding.
  • Relatively large and expensive machines.
  • Not all automatic shredders are lockable for extra security.
Auto Feed Shredder vs Manual Feed Shredder

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For who is an automatic paper shredder for?

Automatic paper shredders are mostly used in the office where there is a need to shred large volumes of documents without losing too much time. A standard heavy duty office shredder has a manual input, so the user is spending time at the shredder to shred all the documents. With an automatic shredder you can load the machine and walk away.


The financial department is an example of a place in the office where an automatic shredder can be really helpful. The financial team collects all the documents which needs to be destroyed during the day. The team fills up the tray and at the end of the day one of the employees starts the shredder. Everybody can go home while the shredder shreds the confidential documents without disturbing anyone.

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Where to place an auto feed shredder?

It is recommended to place an automatic shredder in a centralized and secure area in the office. You might want to take into consideration that the area where the shredder is located can be locked This prevents the risk that unauthorized people can take a look into the sensitive documents. For extra security we recommend a lockable automatic shredder, these shredder can be locked with a pin-code so nobody can open the tray with confidential papers, besides the authorized users.

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Shredder brands

There are multiple manufacturers of automatic paper shredders, such as Fellowes Automax, Swingline Autofeed, and iDeal Autofeed. Below you can find the official brand pages:

Tip: See all Auto Feed Shredders at Amazon

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Paper shredder guide for more information

What to look for when buying a shredder? Read our Paper Shredder Guide or take a look at our main paper shredder page.

Paper shredders for home or office

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