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Rethink your environmentally friendly lifestyle

You are aware of the necessity of an environmentally friendly lifestyle. You are already reducing your waste as much as possible and you’re always figuring out a way to reuse old items. But you want to improve yourself by taking it to the next level. Challenge yourself by rethinking your actions.

You can’t spell
without CHANGE

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Our future on mother earth is in our own hands. We have to restore the balance with nature and go to sustainable natural cycles. We have to Rethink, take our own Responsibility and Challenge ourselves to make the Change.

Live a plastic free life. Open your eyes and discover the natural beauty of food.

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What is Rethink?

By rethinking your actions you will discover how to further improve your environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Rethinking is actually a way of reflecting your current lifestyle. You’ll ask yourself what you already do to prevent waste and what you can do in the future to improve it even more.



Refuse items and products to prevent waste and the unnecessary use of raw materials.



Consume fewer resources. Rethink if you really need to buy certain products. Maybe you can borrow it from someone instead.



Reuse packaging, items and products for what it is designed for. Or when you are really creative; upcycle it and redesign it to something else. Rethink and reimagine if you can reuse a product before you throw it away.



It is tempting to throw away a damaged product. But rethink before you decide to replace it with a new one. Try to fix it yourself or ask for help.



Don’t need an item anymore? Give it away as an ecological gift to someone else.



Recover or restore an item that someone didn’t want anymore or threw away.



Collect and separate waste for optimal recycling and to reclaim raw materials.



When rebuying a damaged product, consider a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative.

Rethink video’s

Re-thinking Progress: The Circular Economy

There’s a world of opportunity to re-think and re-design the way we make stuff.

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By 5 July 2016 Shares