Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredders with High Capacity

Shred large stacks of confidential documents continuously Most average shredders can only shred for a short period of time. These shredders are limited because of the duty cycle plus the bin fills up quickly. So these kind of shredder machines are not capable to shred lots of documents in one session. After a few minutes […]

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Best Cross-Cut Shredders

What is a cross cut paper shredder? A cross-cut shredder is also known as a confetti-cut or diamond-cut shredder. These type of paper shredders cut documents diagonally from both corners. The result after shredding your documents are small paper particles which are barely readable. This is why a cross-cut shredders offers more security than a […]

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How to oil a paper shredder?

Clean your shredder with a ‘paper sandwich’ Is your shredder making a weird sound? Does it shred slower than usual? It looks like your shredder needs some maintenance. The main cause for the weird sounds and slower cutting speed is due to dust collection between the rotating cutting blades. This dust is generated because of […]

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Best Paper Shredder for Small Business or Small Office

Professional shredders for the office workspace Which paper shredder should you get for business use? On this page you’ll find recommended paper shredders for small office or small business. These professional shredders are great for shredding confidential business papers, such as sensitive tax and financial information, client and employee files and agenda’s or minutes from […]

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Best Paper Shredders for Home Use Under $100

Secure shredders for shredding confidential documents at home For home use we recommend a cross-cut or micro-cut paper shredder for secure shredding of confidential documents, such as tax documents, bank statements and paycheck stubs. Don’t just buy the most cheapest paper shredder, because chances are high that this is a strip-cut shredder. These type of […]

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UNBEGUN Bags from Amsterdam

From Amsterdam Market Stall Covers to Streetwise Bags Author: Martijn Hemelaar (founder of UNBEGUN) Amsterdam is famous of its diversity of markets. You can buy everything here from groceries to gadgets and it’s the perfect spot to be people watching. And now the Amsterdam markets also appears to be a good place for recycling.

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