TAA Compliant Paper Shredders for American Government

Secure paper shredders under the Trade Agreement Act (TAA) Government paper shredders must adhere to certain rules regarding the safe destruction of data. The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department Of Defense (DOD) have determined minimal requirements a paper shredder has to meet to be used by a government agency. Next to this all […]

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Shred Bins for Secure Paper Storage

Store sensitive documents in secured bins before shredding Standard, non-lockable paper recycling bins are not suitable for secure storing of sensitive documents prior to paper shredding. It is recommended to use security bins and containers in your office environment. These shred bins and shred carts are specially designed for secure disposal and collection of sensitive […]

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Industrial Paper Shredders For High Volume Shredding

Powerful heavy-duty shredders for shredding documents in bulk Industrial shredders are large and powerful machines that can shred high volumes of office paper with ease. A standard office shredder is fine for shredding your usual stack of documents at the end of the day. But for large office departments, industries, large facilities or warehouses with […]

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Best Commercial Trash Cans & Recycling Tools

Wheel carts, office bins and recycling tools for businesses How do you implement a successful recycling program for your business? You can achieve this by using the right indoor and outdoor recycling tools and recycling labels. This makes separating trash and recyclables easy for you, your collegues and visitors. Here you can find recommended recycling […]

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Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredders with High Capacity

Shred large stacks of confidential documents continuously On this page you’ll find commercial paper shredders for heavy duty shredding at the office with multiple users. These large shredder machines shred for a long period of time or even non-stop.  They are great to use for departmental shredding. A continuous heavy duty shredder can be used […]

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