Best Paper Shredders for Home Use Under $100

Secure shredders for shredding confidential documents at home For home use we recommend a cross-cut or micro-cut paper shredder for secure shredding of confidential documents, such as tax documents, bank statements and paycheck stubs. Don’t just buy the most cheapest paper shredder, because chances are high that this is a strip-cut shredder. These type of […]

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UNBEGUN Bags from Amsterdam

From Amsterdam Market Stall Covers to Streetwise Bags Author: Martijn Hemelaar (founder of UNBEGUN) Amsterdam is famous of its diversity of markets. You can buy everything here from groceries to gadgets and it’s the perfect spot to be people watching. And now the Amsterdam markets also appears to be a good place for recycling.

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10 Beautiful & Stylish Water Bottles

REUSE | Stop Disposables Fashionable & Reusable Water Bottles Inspiration For Your Trendy Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Be fashionable, trendy and eco-friendly with these stylish reusable water bottles. A refillable or reusable water bottle prevents plastic polution caused by discarded plastic bottles. Find the best-looking water bottles below.

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Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Trash Cans

Top 10 Stainless Steel Bins for Recycling and Trash Inspiration for steel kitchen garbage cans More about stainless steel kitchen trash cans Stainless steel Kitchen trash cans Recycling bins Best Simplehuman trash cans Best 13 gallon trash cans Why get a stainless steel trash can for the kitchen? Durable and stable Hygienic in use Recommended […]

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Best 13 Gallon Trash Cans

Which 13 gallon bin should you buy? We recommend the 13 gallon Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can for the kitchen to sort trash or recyclables. The 50 liter kitchen trash bin is made of high-quality plastic. Thanks to the ‘lid lock’ functionality the bin is pretty much cat and dog-proof. With this locking mechanism you […]

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